Bertone Alfa Romeo Canguro

From Bertone press: Presented as a one-off at the Turin Motor Show of 1964, the Canguro is a coupe designed and executed on an Alfa Giulia TZ tubular spaceframe. The styling project offers a number of styling cues that had by now become typical of Bertone’s Alfas: taut, powerful side panelling, muscular front and rear wings, bulky, cut-off tail with rear-shifter passenger compartment, almost as if to emphasize the scenic presence of the engine and give a visual forward impulse to the volumes. Over and above the styling, as always ahead of its time, the Canguro offered some surprising construction solutions, such as the windshield glued to the panelling, as were the other windows. The entire front part (bonnet and wings are integral) was hinged forward. The Canguro never went into production, but its influence was felt for years in the development of Alfa Romeo brand identity.

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