Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade offers three distinct body styles and the Escalade Platinum models: the standard Escalade, the extended length ESV model, and the innovative EXT sport truck model. Also available is the high-end Escalade Platinum, with features including segment-first LED headlamps and the world’s fastest-acting suspension, Magnetic Ride Control. The Escalade lineup features a 6.2L all-aluminum V-8 engine with variable valve timing technology delivering 403 horsepower (301 kW)* and 417 lb.-ft. of torque (565 Nm).* The 6.2L engine is also a flexfuel engine and can run on renewable E85 ethanol.

Offered on Escalade and the extended-length Escalade ESV, the Platinum edition includes Magnetic Ride Control technology, which gives the Escalade Platinum more precise body motion control. It is a real-time damping system – “reading” the road in millisecond intervals and changes damping in 5 milliseconds. It replaces conventional mechanical-valve shocks with electronically controlled shocks filled with a magneto-rheological fluid containing minute iron particles. Under the presence of magnetic charge, the iron particles align to provide damping resistance almost instantly.

The Cadillac Escalade ESV is the largest member of the Escalade family, at 21 inches (53.4 cm) longer than Escalade, translating into more premium seating and cargo-carrying capability – up to 137.4 cubic feet (3,891 L) behind the first row, with the second folded and third row removed.

The Escalade EXT is a unique Sport Utility Truck (SUT) body style, giving it a part-SUV, part-pickup profile. The Midgate panel lets owners convert the EXT from a five-passenger SUV into a two-passenger pickup with eight feet of protected and secured storage. The midgate, located behind the rear seat, can be folded into the cabin, enabling the cargo area to expand from five feet to eight feet, for a total of 101 cubic feet in secured volume. A lockable, standard tonneau cover protects items in the cargo bed, or can be removed entirely for added space.

Source: Cadillac press

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