Scion Five Axis xA Speedster

From Scion press: Five Axis builds everything from complete, ground up, concept show cars like the ones you see on the stages at major auto shows, to 1/4-scale design evaluation models. They also build many of the SEMA cars displayed in the manufacturer’s booths. The goal is to create and build precision, fine crafted works of art. Their passion is customizing and fabricating unique, one off, cars. Today Five Axis occupies a 22,000-sq. ft. facility in Huntington Beach, Calif.

The moment had finally come; the Scion family required a Five Axis makeover of its little sibling. They decided the ultimate finale would be to combine the captivating, audience interface of the Widebody xB DJ with the aggressive styling mods of the Widebody tC. Three interlinked Xbox gaming centers with Forza Motorsport racing software are incorporated into the design of the xA with the main emphasis on the driver’s position. Extreme body modifications include the obligatory Five Axis widebody, along with the complete removal of roof and side glass; see-through body sides and seating for two. As always, strict rules of design, detail, fit and finish were applied resulting in the ultimate open-air speedster, racing simulator.

Gallery: Scion Five Axis xA Speedster