Scion RS*R tC

Scion's drift car is based on its most popular model, the tC sports coupe. The factory built front-wheel drive tC turned into a drifting contender through a rear-wheel drive conversion performed by acclaimed exhaust and suspension manufacturer, RS*R.

The tC shares its platform with Toyota's Japanese market Avensis four-wheel drive and Caldina all-wheel drive, enabling it to undergo the conversion. RS*R used its extensive performance shop experience to change the tC's stock transverse engine configuration to a longitudinal setup in order to drive power, through the transmission and drive shaft, directly to the rear wheels.

The RS*R Scion tC features a 3SGE Beams motor, HKS GT3037 turbo and intercooler, Blitz Dual SBC boost controller, and AEM EMS engine management system that outputs more than 400 horsepower, compared to the stock 161 horsepower. A G-Force five-speed sequential transmission, Tilton triple carbon clutch, Project Mu brakes, RS-R coilovers, Sparco Corsa seats and a custom concept wide body kit also make this vehicle unique. This tC will gracefully maneuver the track with Enkei RPF1 wheels and Toyo Proxes® R1R™ tires.

Ken Gushi will be at the wheel of the RS*R Scion tC. Gushi learned to drift at the age of 13 when his father took him to El Mirage Off-Highway Vehicle Area in California. Gushi started his drifting career at the age of 16 and was the youngest driver to compete in D1. Now 21 years old, Gushi has further developed his skills and placed in many drift events.

"We think our first season of drift will be a knock-out," said Hollis. "We've got the talented Ken Gushi behind the wheel of one of the hottest tCs out there."

In addition to RS*R and Scion sponsors include Toyo Tires, XM Radio, Rogue Status, BASF, Mobil 1, Sparco, Enkei, AEM, Proceed and Meguiar’s. 

Source: Scion press

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