Bertone Lancia Stratos O

Sensational and irreverent in the normal world, the Stratos Zero concept came from the idea to mount the Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF engine in a new mid position within the platform.  Because engine is placed in the center position, the car has a very low profile of only 84 cm high and is 358 cm long, allowing for the development of new revolutionary suspension and steering mechanisms.  

As a result of this new mechanical layout, the Zero's speed form shape completely departs from any car previously known.  The resulting object was a "mono volume", strongly tapered at both ends, only the presence of the four wheels suggests the Zero is a car.  The technical solutions adopted are astonishing, such as the double side windows, the light clusters, the integrated mirrors and access to the interior cockpit through the hinged front windscreen.

Source: Bertone press

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