Buick LaCrosse

From Buick press: Redesigned from the ground up, the 2010 Buick LaCrosse luxury sedan offers all-wheel drive, a suite of advanced personal technologies and safety features, and a choice of two fuel-saving V-6 engines.

“The new LaCrosse was created with great attention to detail, craftsmanship and advanced technology,” said John Schwegman, Buick VP of Marketing. “It builds on the success of Enclave as the next step in Buick’s renaissance. And, as with Enclave, our goal is to attract a whole new buyer to our dealerships for LaCrosse.”

The 2010 LaCrosse is offered in three models - CX, CXL and CXS. LaCrosse’s stiff body structure is the foundation for precise suspension tuning, safety and a quiet ride. Buyers can choose from a family of efficient, direct injection six-cylinder engines and a fuel-conserving six-speed automatic transmission with tap-up/tap-down control.

The direct injection engines in the LaCrosse create more power with less fuel. They also reduce vehicle emissions through greater combustion control; for example, cold-start emissions are reduced by up to 25 percent. LaCrosse is manufactured at GM’s Fairfax Assembly facility in Kansas City, Kan.

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