Jeep Commando Pickup

Many changes were in store for Jeep upon the arrival of the 1973 Jeep Commandos, including a major overhaul thanks to the new owner. Jim Anger brought many changes to the car as a whole including a facelift and a new body, different interior stylings, and a new heart to give the Commando more of a kick. Base MSRP $5,100


Jim Anger’s new facelift featured a longer, blunter snout which houses a full-width egg crate grill that incorporates the headlamps into it. The overall look of the pickup was more formal, more family oriented, and more professional. The body was very simplistic; featuring few lines but a lot of flat, smooth surfaces. Paint options were limited with only a handful of choices, all of which were relatively plain. The axle joints were strengthened and tires were upgraded for the 1973 model. A fiberglass hardtop is optional.


Inside things remain plain and simple, with nothing more than the driver and passenger seats, a tilting steering wheel, and an AM/FM radio with a cassette player. It seemed that the primary goal for this model was to keep things straightforward for the buyer that was going to purchase these cars and use them on a daily basis. Leather wraps the seats and steering wheel giving comfort to both the passenger and driver.


For 1973 there were two available engine options; a 258-cubic inch, 110 horsepower six-cylinder and an AMC 304-cubic inch V8, making 150 horsepower. Getting to 60 mph will take around 14 seconds and will accelerate up to 100 mph. Both engines have optional automatic transmissions available.


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