Jaguar XKSS

From Jaguar press: Following the success of the factory team D-types in winning Le Mans, Jaguar built a number of D-types for sale to private competitors. A production line was set up and 87 cars built. However, sales were slow and the company decided to convert unsold D-types to high-performance road cars that could also be raced.

The new model, called the Jaguar XKSS, was announced on January 21, 1957. The chassis was virtually identical to the racing D-type with four-wheel disc brakes, racing wheels, four-speed all-synchromesh gearbox and a 37-gallon fuel tank. The 3.4 liter, six-cylinder, twin-cam engine had three Weber carburetors and developed 262 horsepower. Aluminum-bodied, it weighed approximately 2000 pounds.

Only sixteen XKSS models were built before February 12, 1957, when a fire at the Jaguar factory destroyed the remaining D-types.

The American actor Steve McQueen owned the Jaguar XKSS in this series for personal use.

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