Bugatti EB110 SS

In 1989, Italian industrialist Romano Artioli acquired the Bugatti name and constructed a facility in italy to produce a mid-engine supercar that would evoke the mystique of the original.

The car debuted in 1991. It was called the EB110 after the founder of the mark, Ettore Bugatti, who would have been 110 years old that year. Its 3.5-liter aluminum and titanium V12 engine was fitted with four small turbochargers.

Top of the 552hp car was over 210 miles per hour. Unfortunately, production of the EB110 coincided with a dramatic decline in the supercar market during the 1990’s and just 126 were produced. The Bugatti factory was later closed, and the name sold to Volkswagen.

Source: Peterson Automotive Museum

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