Infiniti G20

From Infiniti press: Infiniti, maker of luxury vehicles, adds a fourth model to its lineup of luxury performance vehicles with the July introduction of the 1999 Infiniti G20, an all-new fun-to-drive luxury sports sedan. The G20 joins the flagship Q45 luxury performance sedan, I30 luxury sedan and QX4 luxury sport utility vehicle.

The newest Infiniti is based on the highly successful European version, called the Primera. The first generation G20 was sold in North America from the 1991 through the 1996 model years.

Designed with a European flair to compete against the best sports sedans in the world, the G20 combines superb dynamic handling capabilities with exceptional passenger and cargo room. Its cabin forward styling provides manageable exterior dimensions with generous interior spaciousness.

The new G20 is powered by an advanced, high revving 140-horsepower 16-valve dual overhead cam four-cylinder engine with a new cross-engine mount system, which reduces idle vibration and acceleration noise. Torque is rated at 132 ft-lbs.

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