Infiniti Q45

From Infiniti press: In 1989, the inaugural Q45, with its soul-stirring 278-horsepower V8 engine and powerful, sporty styling, seized the attention of driving enthusiasts around the world. This year, as the 2000 Q45 celebrates its 10th anniversary, it is still widely regarded as one of the finest luxury performance sedans on the road.

While the 2000 Q45 receives only minor refinements from the 1999 model, a special limited Q45 Anniversary Edition will be produced, featuring unique “Anniversary Edition” badging and upgraded interior and exterior styling. Leading the changes for the 2000 Q45 are a 100,000-mile tune-up interval, front seat active head restraints, one-touch auto-up/down front windows with safety reverse, one-touch auto-open/close sunroof with safety reverse and optional navigation system (available spring 2000).

The Q45’s standard 4.1-liter 32-valve DOHC V8 remains one of the most advanced designs in its class. The engine was developed to meet the everyday demands of around town driving, including responsive acceleration, smooth and quiet operation and low maintenance, yet still appeal to performance minded drivers as an exceptional higher speed tourer when the call of the open highway beckons. The Q45 also delivers responsible fuel economy of 18 mpg City / 23 mpg Highway.

The engine, rated at 266 horsepower and 278 ft-lbs of torque, is mated to an advanced electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission. For 2000, owners will enjoy the added efficiency and value of 100,000-mile tune-up intervals.

A viscous limited-slip differential is also standard on every Q45, along with Infiniti’s Traction Control System (TCS). TCS provides excellent all-condition driving performance, automatically engaging to enhance stability and control when any one of the wheels is slipping.

The Q45’s refined suspension utilizes front struts with coil springs and is designed to enhance handling and stability by minimizing camber change during cornering. The rear suspension is an independent multi-link design, using three links (instead of the typical two-link design) to provide maximum tire contact with the road and superior body roll control, even under extreme driving conditions.

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