Volvo S60 Art Session

From Volvo press: "Volvo S60 Art Session" What ten artists can make of a Volvo S60. Ten street artists were painting, spraying and designing a snow-white Volvo S60 during a five day period. All took place in front of a white dropback canvas at Zurich main railway station. During this live art happening, a high-end camera shot pictures every 10th second. The result is now published on YouTube.

Steady flow of repainting. Volvo Cars Switzerland started the Volvo Art Session experiment this February. It turned out as an unusual and exciting art show. While the ten artists were creating and performing their "street art" painting all over the white Volvo S60 and its white background more than 35,000 commuters stopped by in five days.

"Our intentions with this art project, was to express and emphasize in a creative and innovative way the design of the Volvo S60", says Anouk Poelmann, President of Volvo Cars Switzerland.

Watching the final 3-minute video that remains from this experiment, will reveal the steady flow of artistic repaintings and also let the spectator view ten very different cars that is actually only one.

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Volvo S60 Art Session