Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

What drives us to create a car that inspires both drivers and other automakers? Since inventing the very first car, the defining character of Mercedes‐Benz has come from continually reimagining the future and bringing it to life.

For nine generations, the E‐Class has set countless standards by which all cars are measured — from safety to style, from enduring value to uncompromising values. Every element of its engineering turns insight into expertise — to better manage an unpredictable world, and to heighten both your enthusiasm and your sense of well‐being. Quite possibly the most technologically advanced automobiles ever, the 2011 E‐Class Sedans and Wagons will reward you in ways you never dreamed a car could do. Driving your dreams is what drives us.

To become an icon, first be a benchmark. For more than 60 years, one car has set — and raised — the bar for all cars. It’s done this not just by excelling in one area, but by perpetually elevating virtually every dimension of driving, and orchestrating all of it with seamless elegance. Advanced, low‐emission V‐6 and V‐8 engines— including a 50‐state clean diesel—can stir your soul while soothing your conscience.

AGILITY CONTROL and AIRMATIC suspensions master comfort and confidence at once, instantly adapting to every change in the road. And though the E‐Class is engineered to conquer compromise, freedom of choice also prevails. Three sedans and a new wagon are each offered in Sport and Luxury models, so you can accentuate performance or refinement without diminishing the depth, or breadth, of either.

E‐Class engines balance assertive power with respect for the environment. Gasoline‐powered 268‐hp V‐6 and 382‐hp V‐8 engines engage their alternator and power steering pump only as needed, reducing fuel use. A BlueTEC clean diesel V‐6 generates massive torque yet emits fewer greenhouse gases than comparable gasoline engines.

Source: Mercedes-Benz press

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