Infiniti Q45

From Infiniti press: As Infiniti’s flagship Q45 enters its ninth year of production, much has changed in the world around it. Yet true to its position as a one of the world’s great luxury performance sedans, the 1998 Q45 continues with its heritage of elegance and performance firmly intact.

Following a mid-1997 introduction of front-seat side air bags, the 1998 Q45 adds front-seat belt pre-tensioners with load limiters. The instrument panel also receives a new LCD odometer with dual trip meters and “Touring” script lettering is now embroidered on Q45t floormats.

Performance has always been a hallmark of the Infiniti flagship, which again holds true in 1998. With the introduction of an all-new drivetrain and refined suspension in 1997, the Q45 provides the acceleration and handling of a sports coupe along with the comfort and security of a luxury sedan.

The 4.1-liter DOHC V8 provides superior power throughout the driving range, with an exceptional level of smooth, quiet operation. The Electronic Concentrated Control System computer manages the 32-valve engine and electronic multi-point fuel injection system, providing 266 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. Torque is rated at 278 ft-lbs at 4,000 rpm improvements.

The Q45’s refined suspension emphasizes ride comfort and handling. Rigid unibody construction provides the foundation for exceptional riding comfort, better maneuverability and handling response, and greater interior isolation from road noise. Both the front and rear suspensions use a sophisticated full-floating subframe mounted at four points to reduce vibration.

The front suspension design uses MacPherson struts with coil springs to offer ease of handling, balance and lightness of feel and improved noise reduction. The front suspension design maximizes handling and stability by minimizing camber change during cornering. The rear independent multi-link suspension connects the rear wheels to the chassis with three links instead of two. This allows more tire contact to the road so handling is more agile and precise, with less body roll during cornering and braking.

Infiniti’s Traction Control System (TCS) is standard on the 1998 Q45. TCS is designed to supplement the Q45’s Viscous Limited-Slip Differential (VSLD) to provide an even higher level of all-condition driving performance and control by automatically engaging when both rear tires are slipping. As a result, handling and control are improved in most road conditions.

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