Chrysler 300 Sport Coupe

From Chrysler press:  With the debut of Virgil Exner’s new  “million dollar look” styling for 1955, Chrysler gained a bold and handsome coupe body that could give expression to the power and performance potential of its remarkable HEMI® "Firepower" V-8 engine. The HEMI V-8, originally introduced in 1951, was mated with the superb, fully automatic "Powerflite" transmission, which was introduced in 1953. 

Modifying the HEMI with a special camshaft and two four-barrel carburetors resulted in an unprecedented 300 horsepower. Dubbed the C-300 within the company (there had been a C-200 convertible showcar in 1952), the car debuted as the "300" in February 1955. 

Available only as a coupe in red, black or white, it featured heavy-duty suspension and a specially badged New Yorker coupe body customized with Windsor and Imperial body parts.

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