Infiniti G Sedan

From Infiniti press: The all-new Infiniti G35 sedan, which goes on sale in November 2006, is designed to create a powerful driving sensation – from its rewarding performance and sophisticated exterior, to its finely crafted interior and intuitive technology.

As the second generation of Infiniti’s groundbreaking sport sedan, the creators of the new G35 knew it would have to meet high expectations – both their own, which they set as developing a true performance partnership between car and driver; and those of Infiniti owners who have embraced the original G35 and seek a continuation of its unique combination of vibrant design, exhilarating performance and advanced technology.

The soul of the G35 has always been its dynamic performance and at the heart of its advanced drivetrain has always been its award-winning VQ35 3.5-liter V6 engine and advanced FM (Front Mid-ship) platform. Both engine and platform have been significantly enhanced for use with the 2007 G.

The VQ-series V6, which has been named one of the “Ten Best Engines” by Ward’s Auto World magazine for 12 consecutive years, now moves into its fourth generation and has been significantly rethought, with approximately 80% of major parts (except bolts, O-rings and clips) redesigned. The block features ladder frame construction for greater rigidity and crank journal and pin diameters have been increased. The block height has been increased by 8.4 millimeters to reduce piston side force and the engine center is now 15 millimeters lower, which also contributes to the G’s improved dynamic performance.

Other engine enhancements include the addition of standard variable exhaust cam timing (eCVTCS), a higher rev limit (increased from 6,600 rpm to 7,600 rpm) and higher compression ratio (10.6:1 versus the previous 10.3:1), asymmetric piston skirts, twin knock sensors, improved coolant flow and new Iridium spark plugs.

A new symmetric twin ram air intake system helps reduce airflow resistance by 18% and increases horsepower by three hp at 60 miles per hour. A new dual exhaust system has been designed with equal length exhaust manifolds and reduced muffler exhaust pressure (25% less than the first generation G35) help improve engine breathing. Both are tuned to create authoritative harmonies, helping enhance driving pleasure.

The result of all these changes is 306 horsepower and 268 lb-ft of torque (a significant power improvement from the previous generation VQ), an exciting engine sound and expected improvements in emissions and fuel economy.

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