Dodge Dart

Dodge will improve the champ for 1971 but retain its winning form. The Dodge Dart will be continued in low line Dart and Dart Custom four-door sedans along with a two-door hardtop Dart Swinger model. The base engine in the Dart lines will be the 198 cubic-inch Slant Six cylinder power plant with an optional 225 cubic-inch six cylinder and 318 cubic-inch V-8.

The 111-inch-wheelbase Dart remains the king of the compacts with added interior dimensions and trunk size over the "standard" smaller compact entries. The split grille theme is retained for 1971, but the previous bright split grille with full-width vertical bars will be colored black and surrounded by an argent finish collar for distinctive road identification.

The rear bumper receives a new quad taillight treatment. Four rectangular slots in the bumper contain rear lights. Backup lights are located inboard. Turning signal, parking and running lights are outboard. Dart Swinger hardtop side ornamentation includes a thin, bright sill moulding with black paint treatment below the sill to create a new, lower body character line. The Dart Custom four-door sedan has a bright, full-length body side moulding with black paint fill to provide parking lot protection. Black vinyl inserts for the moulding are optional.

Dart models for 1971 feature high line luxury with an extensive list of color combinations available along with vinyl and cloth interior trims. New front head restraints are incorporated for 1971. The molded plastisol-applied head restraints will be standard and add a high degree of attractiveness to the compact line interiors. New-style bucket seat with integral head restraints are optional. When bucket seats are ordered with the Swinger hardtop, the car receives "GT" nameplates.

Bright, sporty exterior colors include Citron Yella, Butterscotch, Hemi Orange, Green-go and Plum Crazy. Thirteen standard colors will be offered. A new gold color will be available in vinyl tops. Other colors are green, black and white. Dodge Dart with automatic transmission receives a new part throttle kickdown for 1971. The low speed kickdown enables the driver to gain extra passing or acceleration power with a slight depression of the accelerator. The kickdown system automatically shifts the automatic transmission into second gear to provide added passing power in the 10 to 40 mph range without the need to use full throttle.

Dart owners will be able to lock their cars without a key. A "keyless" door locking system is standard and enables the driver or passengers to lock the car without an ignition key. Merely depress the lock button and close the door. A Cassette stereo tape player and recorder head a long list of trim and convenience options for Dart. The new player-record system, an industry first, is offered as a floor mounted option and provides a means to play Cassette tapes or record music from the car radio or the voice of the driver or passengers.
Evaporation Control System

Installed as standard on all Darts will be a gasoline evaporation control system, which previously was standard on 1970 California cars only. This system prevents loss of fuel vaports from the carburetor and fuel tank to the atmosphere. These vaports are vented through lines to the crankcase by way of the crankcase air cleaner. The vapors are then either stored in the crankcase, if the engine is not running, or are purged from the crankcase through the crankcase ventilation system into the engine where they are burned.

Dodge cars sold in California have a new emissions control feature. The reduction of nitrous oxides is accomplished by reducing vacuum spark advance on acceleration up to 30 mph. The heart of this sytem is a solenoid valve in the vacuum line to the distributor which senses vehicle speed, manifold vacuum, and ambient temperature to determine the proper spark advance for optimum NOx control.

The emissions system meets California requirements while maintaining satisfactory hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emission levels.

This car was auctioned off by Mecum Auctions in May of 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Source: Dodge press; Mecum Auctions

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