Dodge Dart Demon

Dodge will offer a new, 108-inch-wheelbase model coupe called "Demon" as a low price leader in its 1971 compact line. The only Demon model available with a performance engine was called "Demon 340."

The Demon, aimed at the low price end of the compact market, follows in the Dodge marketing tradition of delivering to the motoring public a little bigger package for the price than competition.

It also gives Dodge a 1-2 punch in the compact field: the very successful Dart, and now--Demon.

The standard six cylinder engine in Demon will be a 198 cubic-inch Slant Six. A 225 cubic-inch Slant Six will be optional. Standard V-8 will be the 318 cubic-inch engine. Demon and 1971 Dart will share front end sheet metal and grille pieces, but will feature separate interior and dash appointments. The rear side windows on the Demon will be of the pivot type.

"We expect the compact market to be at a million, two hundred thousand units by the end of the 1970 model year--up some 40 percent from 1969," said R. B. McCurry, Dodge general manager.

"Dodge will have a record sales year for its compacts. Our low line Dart Swinger Automatic sales accounted for 60 percent of the Dart sales and that line of Dodge cars took more than 15 percent of industry compact sales this spring."

"With the introduction of the Demon, we will have all segments of the compact market covered and the low end will be represented by a solid car with excellent performance, ride and handling characteristics -- a car you don't have to wear."

In contrast to some mini compacts, the 198 cubic-inch six cylinder engine in the Demon provides enough power to merge properly into high speed traffic on thruways, pass well on two lane highways and eliminates the need to read wind velocity reports before taking your car on the highways.

Source: Dodge press

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