Mini Coupe Concept

From Mini press: MINI is expanding its product family with the launch of a model geared squarely to maximising driving fun. The MINI Coupé indulges the keen driver with a level of agility unmatched in the small car segment, along with a unique body and interior concept and the brand’s customary commitment to premium levels of quality and equipment. The first two-seater in its line-up sees MINI not only breathe new life into its successful racing history but also provide a shot in the arm for the super-compact sports car class. The selection of engines, chassis set-up, weight distribution and aerodynamic properties of the MINI Coupé are all focused on delivering optimum performance. As a result, the new car radiates the brand’s hallmark go-kart feeling with a whole new depth of intensity and achieves the best performance statistics ever recorded by a volume-produced MINI.

A level of chassis quality unmatched in the small car segment gives the new MINI model the handling flair you would expect from the brand. The precise Electric Power Steering, the standard-fitted DSC stability control system, powerful brakes and measures designed specifically to optimise torsional rigidity ensure the MINI Coupé driver can enjoy the ultimate in go-kart feeling.

Its flat silhouette and innovative “helmet roof” lend the MINI Coupé a sporty and individual allure. In addition to the integral roof spoiler, an active rear spoiler optimises airflow at higher speeds. Helped by its extremely high-opening tailgate and large luggage area with through-loading facility, the MINI Coupé displays outstanding versatility in day-to-day driving, when transporting leisure items or sports gear, and on trips out with a lucky partner.

MINI John Cooper Works Coupé: 4-cylinder petrol engine, displacement: 1.6L, output: 155 kW/211 hp at 6,000 rpm, max. torque: 260 Nm/192 lb-ft at 1,850 – 5,600 rpm. Acceleration: 0–100 km/h (62 mph): 6.4 seconds, top speed: 240 km/h (149 mph).

MINI Cooper S Coupé: 4-cylinder petrol engine, displacement: 1.6L, output: 135 kW/184 hp at 5,500 rpm, max. torque: 240 Nm/177 lb-ft at 1,600 – 5,000 rpm. Acceleration: 0–100 km/h (62 mph): 6.9 seconds, top speed: 230 km/h (143 mph).

MINI Cooper Coupé: 4-cylinder petrol engine, displacement: 1.6L, output: 90 kW/122 hp at 6,000 rpm, max. torque: 160 Nm/118 lb-ft at 4,250 rpm. Acceleration: 0–100 km/h (62 mph): 9.0 seconds, top speed: 204 km/h (127 mph).

MINI Cooper SD Coupé: 4-cylinder turbodiesel, displacement: 2.0L cc, output: 105 kW/143 hp at 4,000 rpm, max. torque: 305 Nm/225 lb-ft at 1,750 – 2,700 rpm. Acceleration: 0–100 km/h (62 mph): 7.9 seconds, top speed: 216 km/h (134 mph).

In the MINI Coupé, engine power is converted into pure driving fun more directly and comprehensively than ever. Cutting-edge drive system technology ensures that the engine’s output and torque are generated with exceptional efficiency – and experienced with great intensity by the driver. Instantaneous power development delivers impressive sports performance, while high elasticity and optimum gear ratios guarantee unbeatable agility in mid-range acceleration. Plus, extensive MINIMALISM technology makes the driver a less frequent visitor to the pumps.

The suspension system effortlessly translates the power of the MINI Coupé engines into a fun-filled and agile driving experience, delivering the sharp handling typical of MINI that also contributes to a high standard of active safety. With the suspension technology closely matched to the engine power, the MINI Coupé provides the most intensive expression to date of the trademark MINI driving experience, or go-kart feeling. Even when pushed hard in dynamic driving situations, the outstanding quality of the suspension, control arms, steering and brake system ensures confident control of the vehicle at all times.

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