Dodge Dart

DETROIT....Dart, Dodge's most successful car, takes on a new look and shows greater promise for 1970. Dart accounted for 30 percent of Dodge sales during 1969. The star of the Dart line was the low-priced Swinger hardtop, which represented 30 percent of Dart sales.

The Dart has been intensively restyled for 1970, and the hood has been extended to give a new proportion to the car. The trim, split grille includes the combined parking and turn signal lamps, and is flanked by the single headlamps. The grille is made of ABS--acrylonitrite-butadiene-styrene compound.

The rear of the Dart has also been restyled. A massive, broader-contact rear bumper includes parking, tail, stop and back-up lights. The '70 Dart looks a lot longer, but the actual increase is only 8/10th's of an inch. The overall length is 196.2. Overall width remains 69.6 inches, and the height is increased 1/10th of an inch to 54.5 inches. The wheelbase is 111 inches and curb-to-curb turning circle is 37.8 feet.

There will be three series of Darts: Dart, Swinger 340, and Dart Custom.

There are four different engines available: 198 and 225 cubic-inch six cylinders, and 318 and 340 cubic-inch V-8's.

The Dart Swinger has a more attractive look for 1970. The Swinger 340 will feature a fully-synchronized, three-speed manual transmission with floor-mounted shift. Other standard items include: E70 x 14 tires, hood scoops, "Scat Pack" decals, "Bumble-bee" stripes and a "340" side name plate. Fourteen-inch wheels are standard equipment on all '70 Darts. A flat-black paint treatment for hood and scoops is optional. The Swinger 340 has a special instrument panel with an oil pressure gauge, ammeter, engine temperature gauge, and trip odometer. A tachometer is optional.

The interior trims are new and feature high-back bucket seats with integral head restraint. The low-line Dart sedans offer all-vinyl trims in blue, black and green. The Dart Swingers have all-vinyl in blue and black. The Swinger hardtops also have an optional, pleated vinyl trim in blue, tan, green and black.

The Dart Custom sedans have three cloth trims: blue, green and black, and optional vinyl trims in blue, tan and black. The hardtops offer five all-vinyl trims: blue, green, black, tan and white. Optional high-rise buckets are available in green, tan and black in the Custom hardtop.

Steering wheel locks are standard, and the wheel can be locked only when the transmission selector lever is in "park" for automatic transmissions or "reverse" for manuals. If the key is left in the lock and the door is opened, a buzzer reminds the driver to lock up for safety.

Many states now require a car to signal whenever it changes lanes. To make this easier, all Darts will have a lane-change signal. Just touch the turn-signal lever lightly, and it will advise other motorists of your intention to switch lanes. Push the lever handle, and it will hold in the turn signal position.

There was a time when the deluxe options were available only on the big cars, but times have changed. Many people now prefer the small car but want all the accessories. For example, air-conditioning is now selected by 24 percent of the Dart owners. A new rim blow steering wheel is now available. Squeeze the inside rim of the wheel anywhere and the horn blows.

A headlamp delay switch is now available. This keeps the headlights burning for 90 seconds while you walk to the house. New, styled road wheels and semi-deep dish wheel cover options are offered. Glove-box doors feature rotary, positive-action latches, which prevent accidental opening.

A new three-speed manual transmission, standard on V-8's, has full synchronization on all forward gears, constant mesh gears in all speeds, strut-type synchronizers with slotless synch rings.
There's an interlock mechanism which prevents two speeds from being selected at the same time. As a shift is made, a cam action assists in completing the engagement. To the driver, the shift lever seems to snap into the gear he wants.

A new, 198 cubic-inch six-cylinder engine is standard equipment. It has a stroke of 3.64 inches. The engine shares many components with the 225 cubic-inch engine but has a different crankshaft and longer connecting rods.

Dart engines will have reduced emissions. The decrease will be about 33 percent. A heated air inlet will permit leaner fuel air mixtures. Carburetors are set for leaner mixtures and improved distribution. On the 318 V-8, the compression ratio has been lowered to reduce hydrocarbon emissions.

The 340 engine will have a higher idle (800 to 1,000 rpm) to obtain lower emissions during idle and deceleration. Distributors have more accurate spark timing to help reduce emissions. Spark advance tolerances are reduced by as much as one-half.

Source: Dodge press

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