Dodge Dart

Dodge unveiled a new, larger, family-size compact -- the 1963 Dart.  Built on a 111-inch wheelbase, the new Dart is 16 feet, 4 inches long. Nine models are offered, including two convertibles.

The new low-price compact is one of three separate Dodge lines for 1963. The others are the popular-price, standard-size Dodge and the medium-price Dodge 880.

The nine Dart models are in three series: the economical "170," the deluxe "270," and the "GT" sports series.

The GT series has two models: a two-door hardtop and a convertible, both with bucket seats. The "270" series features two- and four-door sedans, a convertible and a four-door six passenger station wagon. The "170" series also includes two- and four-door sedans and a six-passenger wagon.

Dart buyers have a choice of two engines. Standard is a slant six with a 170-cubic-inch displacement. A larger, 225-cubic-inch "six" is a low-cost option. Both provide excellent mileage on regular grades of gasoline.

Also available on the Dart are power steering, power tailgate window for station wagons, factory-installed air-conditioning and a three-speed automatic transmission.

The new convertibles have an easy-to-operate manual top, but an automatic power top is also offered.

All Darts are equipped with a closed-crankcase ventilation (anti-smog) system and amber-colored front turn signal lights.
The Dart offers buyers a selection of 12 exterior colors and 11 two-tone combinations.

The front features a broad concave grille, a wrap-around bumper and seven-inch, single headlights. Highlights of the side view are a flat roofline, wide pillars at the rear end and a sculptured body line which extends the full length of the car just below the windows.

In back, the Dart has large, circular tail lights and high-contour trunk which provides maximum luggage space. And its low trunk sill makes loading and unloading easy. The Dart for 1963, Nichols said, is engineered for dependability, durability, and economical operation.

From windshield wipers to mufflers, Dart components have been designed to give longer, even more reliable service. From bumper to bumper, it is built to provide the utmost in safety and sturdiness, Nichols said.

The easiest-to-see engineering improvement on the new Dart is the windshield wipers. Parallel wiping action eliminates the center "blind spot," and blades are an inch longer. Newly designed blades utilize the pressure of air while the car is in motion to provide positive cleaning action even at top highway speeds.

The easiest-to-feel improvement is Dart's new heater-ventilator system. The new system gives more precise and responsive control of heat, speedier defrosting, and -- for summer driving -- 40 percent more fresh air than previous models.

The easiest-to-hear improvement is the new, all-transistor radio. The new radio provides "instant sound" the second the switch is turned on. And it uses less power, thus reducing the drain on the battery.

Improved design of the unitized body makes possible greater strength and eliminates useless addition of weight.

Protection against corrosion has been increased by dipping the body in a deeper vat of special primer, using rustproof clips for body moldings, introducing an aluminized exhaust system and adding extra splash shields to keep dirt and salt from accumulating in underbody areas.

Seats have been redesigned to provide additional support, more comfort and longer life. Seat materials are higher-quality and more wear resistant.

A larger fuel tank -- increased from 14 to 18 gallons -- extends the non-stop cruising range of the compact Dart by 30 percent.

A new filter keeps automatic transmission fluid free from dirt and contamination, ensuring trouble-free operation and allowing a 32,000-mile interval between oil changes.

Other engineering advances include: a redesigned and more reliable safety-lock door latch; a safer and easier-to-operate hood latch; tailored floor carpeting with polyethylene backing; a new, silenced air cleaner; a redesigned starter that performs better in cold weather; an improved, more reliable alternator; larger axle bearings with increased load-carrying capacity; and a new, easier-to-use, hand operated parking brake.

Source: Dodge press

Dodge Dart