Dodge Royal Lancer

Nearing the end of the 1950s, car manufacturers and designers continued creating outlandish and over-the-top designs. One of the most recognizable vehicles from this time was the Dodge D500 Custom Royal Lancer. This car became a real standout amongst the competition due to its attractive appearance and wild styling. Base MSRP $2,985


What made this vehicle such an icon from this era were the ‘swept wing styling’ as well as the chrome eyebrow arches about the headlamps. At the rear of the car, rocket booster-shaped taillight fins added to the dramatic silhouette with the other curves and lines of the vehicle. Chrome is inlayed all over the exterior from the front to the rear; even the Custom Royal badge is gold-trimmed and laid over top a chrome shelf. The jukebox-style tail lamps, vibrant and multi-colored paint schemes, and sheer size were all part of the elements that made up the styling drama of the Royal Lancer.


Inside, the interior is factory correct matching the color on the inside to the outside. Vinyl and cloth upholstery make comfort a priority for the driver and passengers alike. From the factory, the Dodge Royal Lancer could be ordered with power steering, rear window defrosters, power brakes, a deluxe radio option, dual rear speakers and antennas, and swiveling front seats. All of the 1959 Dodge passenger cars came fitted with Torsion-Air front suspension complimented by a rear leaf suspension. 1959 would also mark the final year of Dodge doing the body-on frame construction as the new 1960 Dodge models would feature a new Unibody design.


Power comes from a Super D-500, 383 cubic-inch V8 engine producing 345 horsepower. Available options include a TorqueFlite automatic transmission with push-button drive and power brakes and steering. Top speed is 119 mph.


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