Maininki Concept

Michelin Challenge Design 2011 finalist - In the Nordic countries the need for the transportation is simple but demanding. The more the vehicle adjusts to different situations the better. The driving distances vary from long to short and the seasons are very varied as well. The vehicle should be as comfortable as a luxury sedan but also as compact as a hatchback when necessary and offering an ecological option with enough space for a medium sized family.

The idea for the main design came from a swell and a drop of water. The drop is known to be aerodynamically idealistic. The second main influence was aerodynamics.

The front end shape pushes most of the air flow to the top of the car and rest of it underneath. The underbody is shaped to resemble a diffuser. It creates enough downforce without any added spoilers on the top of the body. The airintakes situated on the sides of the car are mostly aerodynamical. They force the air flow to pass the rear tires from their sides to minimize the wind resistance. The same air flow keeps the rear electric motors and brakes in the Michelin Active Wheels cooled.

The main visual object of the exterior is the strong contrast between black and white. The dark glass starting from the front end gives a fresh and modern feel next to the calm, white rear end of the car.

The interior is designed for four people with sufficient storage space. The large amount of glass used on the body of the car gives the opportunity for great visibility. The interior is mainly white with blue details to carry on with the fresh and clean look.

Source: Michelin Design Challenge

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