Alfa Romeo 156 Sportswagon GTA

From Alfa Romeo press: The GTA name blazed a trail of success through the race tracks of half Europe in its day and deservedly occupies a proud position in the annals of motor sport. The first GTA came about when Autodelta made radical changes to the engine and mechanical units of a Giulia Sprint. The year was 1965 and the Giulia Sprint GTA then went on a winning spree: the Sebring 4-hour race, the 6-hour Nürburgring race, a host of races in Germany, Great Britain, Holland and France - and three consecutive wins in the European Makes Challenge for Touring cars in 1966, 1967 and 1968.

Almost four decades later, Alfa Romeo is giving us a chance to experience the GTA legend afresh with a new car. Or rather two: the 156 GTA and the Sportwagon GTA. Just as in those days, both cars represent a veritable distillate of brand values.
Alfa Romeo is acclaimed the world over for its ability to produce good-looking, sporty cars that combine a glittering racing pedigree with the cream of contemporary engineering. Cars that enhance everyday driving experiences with a true racing feel and authentic driving satisfaction.

The Alfa 156 GTA and Sportwagon GTA offer all these attributes but also hold something extra in reserve: more performance, more handling, more braking capacity. In other words, the dynamic behaviour of a car that spices your everyday driving experience with racetrack sensation. This philosophy is encapsulated by the slogan used to advertise the Giulia Sprint GTA at the time: 'The car you drive to work is a champion'

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