Alfa Romeo 147 TI

From Alfa Romeo press: The Alfa Romeo 147 has given everyone a step-by-step guide to achieving great international success in just a few short months. First came the critical acclaim: the ‘Car of the Year 2001′ title, the ‘Volante d’Oro’ awarded by the German magazine ‘Bild am Sonntag’ and the ‘Trophée du design 2000′ award from the French ‘Automobile Magazine’. Then came the plaudits from readers: the prestigious ‘Auto Europe 1′ organised by Auto Bild on behalf of 13 motoring magazines (the Alfa Romeo 147 received most votes in no fewer than eight countries) and ‘My favourite car 2001′, which reflects the opinions of readers who buy the monthly magazine ‘Quattroruote’.

Then came the most welcome sign of appreciation of all: from the market. In all, 55,000 orders were collected between the end of October 2000 and February this year. This gratifying result has been so unexpected that we have even had to schedule a production increase at the factory. The numbers have been upped from 100,000 to 120,000 units per year and plans are afoot to boost this figure to 140,000.

The most important thing, though, is that the Alfa Romeo 147 has done what it set out to do, i.e. make a qualitative leap upward from the previous model and establish itself firmly at the upper part of the segment where the best prestige compact sports cars are now clustered.

The figures bear this out. The Alfa Romeo 147 occupies a price band where prices are higher than those commanded by the Alfa Romeo 145. This is because discerning Alfa customers wanted a more highly specified car. And also because these self-same customers go for the most comprehensive versions and specifications in the range: the 120 bhp 1.6 has been the highest-selling Alfa Romeo 147 in Europe so far.

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