Porsche 356C Cabriolet

At first glance the 356C, introduced in mid-1963, differed little from the prior 356B, and continued to use the T-6 body type, which was introduced in 1962. Porsche, however, brought the 356 concept to its zenith with the 356C, which was available in coupe and cabriolet form. The new 356 also benefited from the addition of standard Dunlop four-wheel disc brakes, a higher-lift camshaft for the 1600 C engine, new flat-face hubcaps and deeper “bucket” seats, courtesy of Porsche’s acquisition of Reutter, which included the future Recaro subsidiary. 356 models imported to America also included positive crankcase ventilation, to meet toughening vehicle emissions standards.

The sporty 1600 SC in particular, formerly known as the Super 90, marked Porsche’s highest evolution of the 356 series prior to the advent of the 911 and was joined by the Carrera 2 and more standard 1600 C. The SC cabriolet was available with an optional detachable steel hardtop.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in January of 2009 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, Phoenix, Arizona, in March of 2009 at the The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida and in January of 2012 at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, Phoenix, Arizona.

95 - 107 bhp, 1,582 cc horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 82.7".

Source: RM Auctions

Porsche 356C Cabriolet