Leading automotive coating specialist Zircotec has been selected by Automobili Lamborghini to supply a new thermal barrier for its one million Euro Reventón car.

After the recent Reventón helicopter flyby over Turin, Lamborghini engineers are selecting suppliers for the 20 units, worth one million Euros each, that will be built. And one of them is a coating specialist, Zircotec. Originally developed for the nuclear industry, Zircotec’s Diamond Black coating uses zirconia-based ceramics which inhibits the radiation of heat from the surface of the material.  In other words, the coating holds the heat inside. For example, applications to high heat producing components include exhausts, turbos and catalysts. The coating is extremely hard and durable surface that is highly resistant to vibration, mechanical damage and thermal shock.

“Lamborghini needed a durable solution that protected the composite bodywork and components at the rear of the car,” says Zircotec’s sales manager Peter Whyman. “Paint finishes were unable to meet the stringent quality and durability requirements set by Lamborghini. Our coating is plasma-sprayed, in effect welding it to the base material, making it more resilient during heat cycling, life testing and abrasion tests. Together with the new black finish, Zircotec was able to deliver not only a highly durable coating but one that satisfied the requirements of Lamborghini’s Styling Department”.

“The Zircotec coating was the only coating that satisfied all our requirements,” adds Luca Meschiari, Head of Exhausts at Lamborghini. “It is durable and offers significantly better performance than any other solution we have seen.”

Lamborghini will apply the coating to the Reventón's exhaust system and tailpipe protecting surrounding components from heat damage as well as allowing them to sit within closer proximity.

Gallery: Lamborghini selects new Diamond Black Zircotec coating for Reventón