Fornasari RR450

From Fornasari press:

Fornasari RR450 has been competing since 2003. In the first year of races we started using a BMW engine till 2004, when we pass to a Chevrolet 8 cylinders. We ran with a 2WD car, and in 2005 we had the final evolution: Chevrolet 8 cylinders (modified), integral traction.

In these four years the RR450 (better, the 4 RRs) took part in races of the Italian Championship Tout Terrain, in the World Championship Baja and in several international competitions, such as Qatar, Dubai, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Pordenone, Sicily, Sardinia, Rally del Ciocco (TT), Puglia, Lucania, Friuli, Mantua, Biella. In these races Fornasari won several times in the special races, the second Italian place at Italian Baja 2006, the first and the second place at 18th Puglia Lucania Rally, the second and the fourth places at Pharaons Rally 2004.

In this moment Fornasari are in the lead of the Italian Championship Tout Terrain and in the first positions of the International Baja Championship.

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