Acura CL Type-S Concept

From Acura press: The 2003 CL is engineered to deliver advanced levels of performance, technological innovation, engineering, passenger safety and style in its class. To make the 2003 model even more responsive and fun to drive, the CL Type-S model is now available with an all-new lightweight, close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission.

The CL design was influenced by classic European Gran Turismo coupes. In addition, styling cues from Acura's own lineage, specifically the original Legend coupe, are evident in the CL. Though the styling was inspired by the past, the technology is cutting edge, utilizing efficient and powerful engines, the latest safety features, and technologically advanced computer-controlled vehicle management systems.

The CL coupe is offered exclusively with V-6 power and comes in two distinct models, the 225 hp CL and the 260 CL Type-S. In the spirit of the Acura NSX supercar, the CL Type-S was designed for high performance driving with the latest technology and an abundance of power. Producing 260 hp through an ingenious, dual-stage induction system, the CL Type-S is one of the most powerful six-cylinder coupes in its class. The luxurious 3.2 CL is powered by a 225 hp version of the same 3.2-liter V6 engine.
The CL Type-S features a compact, state-of-the art 6-speed manual transmission that features a short-throw shifter and multi-cone synchronizers for effortless shifting and a dual mass flywheel to help ensure smooth clutch engagement. The transmission is also coupled with a new limited-slip differential that uses a series of helical gears to reduce wheel spin and provide increased driving force through corners and in slippery driving conditions.

The curb weight of the CL Type-S with manual transmission is over 60 lbs. lighter than that of the CL Type-S with automatic transmission, enhancing steering response and handling by shifting weight distribution more rearward (MT = 62/38 vs. AT=63/37). The new 6-speed manual significantly improves performance, helping to make the CL Type-S almost a half second quicker from 0-60 mph.

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