Acura DN-X Concept

From Acura press: "Don't let the four doors fool you, the DN-X concept is all sports car," said Tom Elliott, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "Looking into the future, our designers created the perfect solution for those that want a sports car but also need to carry passengers."

The company's racing heritage and legendary engine technology is evident in the DN-X. The mid-engine, all-wheel-drive DN-X concept is equipped with a unique 400 horsepower hybrid powertrain that combines a high-output, 3.5-liter, DOHC, i-VTEC V-6 engine powering the rear wheels and an advanced electric Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system that provides additional power to all four wheels. Not only does this system provide outstanding performance, but also achieves an environmentally conscious 42 miles to the gallon.

During acceleration, the IMA system contributes supplemental torque, resulting in both lower fuel consumption and powerful acceleration. The IMA's ultracapacitor is recharged by regenerative braking that takes energy from forward momentum and captures it during braking. This system makes an external electric power supply unnecessary.

Mated to this high output powerplant is a unique 6-speed transmission allowing the driver to chose either manual or automatic mode at his or her discretion. When placed in manual mode, the DN-X operates as a clutchless, 6-speed manual transmission similar to those found in Formula One race cars. Shifting gears is accomplished using controls located on the steering wheel. Or, if desired, the DN-X can be driven as an automatic by selecting "D" on the center console.

Also unique to the DN-X are new drive-by-wire systems that control throttle, brake and steering operations and eliminate the need for a mechanical connection between the cockpit and these components. Steer-by-wire utilizes two actuators in the car's front corners that receive input from the control module and turn the front wheels accordingly. Likewise, the electro-mechanical (EMB) brake-by-wire system, replaces the hydraulic system with electronic controls and actuators.

To further enhance its performance, the DN-X is equipped with a Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system similar to other Acura models, as well as the Active Torque Transfer System (ATTS). Synchronized to work together, VSA and ATTS help to suppress wheel slip and provide smoother, more stable cornering.
Designed as a true sports car, the DN-X has been given a highly rigid, lightweight state-of-the-art chassis tuned to provide the ultimate in handling and maximum aerodynamic efficiency. A wind tunnel-designed monocoque body and highly effective integrated front spoiler help to improve handling by lowering the coefficient of drag to a mere 0.23, nearly 25 percent less than the exotic Acura NSX sports car. Fully independent front and rear double wishbone suspension, large ventilated disc brakes, 18-inch alloy wheels in front and 19-inch alloy wheels in the rear compliment the DN-X's sporty personality.

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