Nissan Urge Concept

Somewhere between the real and virtual worlds lives a bold new sports car concept – the Nissan URGE. Bare, exposed, agile and caged in safety and technology, URGE is unique, affordable and easily understood. Both driver’s car and gamer’s fantasy, URGE takes design to the edge through its motorcycle-inspired look and spun aluminum structure that runs through the exposed engine bay, racing-inspired cockpit and overhead.

The feeling of “minimalism to the maximum” extends to the narrowly fendered wheels and tires, cycle-style taillights, cutout door panels and the spare, deconstructed interior with frame-and-mesh seats, palm-sized shifter and visible passenger-side air bag.

And, in the ultimate homage to the state-of-the-video-arts freedom and excitement, URGE is powered not only by a quick, high-revving, small-displacement engine but, when at rest, a Xbox 360 game system – complete with a fold-down display (from the rearview mirror) and the use of the vehicle’s steering wheel and pedals as the game controls.

Source: Nissan press

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Nissan Urge Concept