Acura RSX Performance Concept

From Acura press: The Factory Performance package, which will go on sale early next year, features track-tuned shocks and springs that lower the car by approximately one inch. These shocks and springs combined with lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, 17-inch high performance tires, slotted brake rotors and performance brake pads give the RSX Type-S razor sharp handling, reduced body roll, increased cornering grip and enhanced braking performance.

A rear wing spoiler, an under-body spoiler kit and an interior trim package featuring a Factory Performance shift knob and badging, give the car an aggressive, high performance look.
"Since the RSX Type-S is already so popular with the performance enthusiast market, it gives us the perfect opportunity to launch this exciting collection of factory high performance components," said Jim Roach, American Honda Vice President of the Parts Division. "An RSX owner can now build a pure Acura performance vehicle with no compromises and without affecting the factory warranty on their car."

The Factory Performance package will have an MSRP of $4,800 plus installation. While Acura offers a wide range of dealer installed accessories, the introduction of the RSX Type-S Factory Performance package marks the first time Acura will offer a comprehensive high performance kit to be installed by dealers and covered under a factory warranty.

"The warranty coverage alone makes buying the Factory Performance package a smart move versus buying aftermarket parts," explained Roach. "And since it includes only genuine Acura parts, you know you're getting the same high level of quality as the rest of your vehicle."

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Acura RSX Performance Concept