Acura 3.2 CL

From Acura press: The all-new CL coupe is the newest addition to the Acura line that reinforces the brand's commitment to performance engineered vehicles. Re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up, the new CL delivers higher levels of performance, technological innovations, engineering achievements, passenger safety and overall style.

The all-new CL is larger and more powerful than the first generation CL coupe introduced in 1996. This move upmarket allows the new Acura CL to aggressively compete with Europe's finest performance coupes, including the BMW 328Ci, Volvo C70 and Mercedes-Benz CLK320.

The new CL has been designed to evoke the beautiful lines of classic European Gran Turismo coupes of the automotive past. Styling cues from Acura's own lineage are also evident in the CL, specifically the original Legend Coupe. Though the styling was inspired by the past, the technology is all 21st Century based, encompassing efficient and powerful engines, revolutionary safety features, and high tech computer controlled vehicle management systems.

The new CL is available with two V-6 powerplants. The 3.2 CL receives a powerful, 225-hp VTEC V-6 engine, similar to the CL 's sibling, the 3.2 TL performance luxury sedan. The all-aluminum block with Acura's renowned VTEC system improves horsepower output by 12.5-percent when compared to the previous 3.0 CL coupe.

The high performance Type S model raises the 3.2 CL's engine output to even higher levels. Several enhancements to the 3.2 CL's VTEC V-6 engine, including a high flow capacity dual-stage induction system and free-flowing exhaust; help the Type S develop a maximum 260 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque.
In addition, the patented Acura VTEC technology, first utilized in the NSX supercar, provides both the 3.2 CL and Type S models with an incredibly flat torque curve, boosting power and responsiveness at all engine speeds.

Both CL powerplants transfer their power through the new 5-speed automatic transmission with a Formula One race car-inspired Sequential SportShift system. As in the Acura NSX, the SportShift allows the driver to select the forward gears just like a manual transmission while enjoying the convenience of a full-fledged automatic transmission.

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