Koenigsegg CC8S

The CC8S was the first production car every produced by Koenigsegg. It is a very minimalistic car, with clean efficient and elegant styling, with a characteristics of its own, that really separates it from the peers of its time. Already the CC8S was fully carbon fibre with a very strong and rigid carbon monocoque.

The CC8S also pioneered the Detachable stow able carbon roof and dihedral actuation doors, that Koenigsegg has become so famous for. The car won Several awards, for example, The Guinness record for the most powerful production engine in the world with 655 hp. Excellent Design award, from Red Dot in Germany and Utmärkt Svensk Form in Sweden.

The car was produced between 2002 and 2004 in only 6 examples, making it one of the most rare Koenigsegg model around. As it also was the first production car ever produced by Koenigsegg make it very special indeed.

Source: Koenigsegg press

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