Koenigsegg CCX

The record-breaking CCX was developed to deliver superior performance - both on the track and on the road. We also wanted to show a clear lineage from its predecessor and avoid following design trends. So we’ve kept the distinctive CC shape and simply enhanced its unique appearance with tighter lines and a more aggressive stance.

The 806 Bhp Koenigsegg engineered and assembled engine delivers unmatched power in terms of its size and weight. At the same time it complies with the toughest emission regulations worldwide. The engine has been built to last and to be driven to the limit.

The award-winning aerodynamic shape of the CCX is one of strength and flowing motion. It is formed to reach ultimate speeds and efficiencies. Every aspect of this machine serves a fundamental purpose, and nothing else. There are no gadgets or unnecessary features on the car, only what is absolutely vital in the name of efficiency and purity.

Source: Koenigsegg press

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Koenigsegg CCX