Holden A9X Option

During 1977, the LX series also saw the development of another limited build high-performance option aimed at winning in Australian Touring Car racing, and in particular at the annual Bathurst 1000 touring car race. This was the 'A9X Option' that was available on the 5.0 litre V8 powered SLR 5000 sedan and SS hatchback models.[11] The A9X visually resembled the L34 optioned LH model, but with the addition of a rear-ward facing bonnet scoop that was specially designed to force air into the engine to produce maximum power in racing conditions. The A9X package varied from the old L34 in road form in that whilst the engine was not modified, the A9X nevertheless had some special mechanical features such as rear disc brakes, heavy duty axles and a heavy duty '10 bolt' differential.

After being rushed into racing service, the Torana A9X ultimately lost its debut Bathurst race in 1977 to the Ford Falcons of Allan Moffat and Colin Bond. However, the A9X package was soon refined and proved dominant during the following two seasons of touring car racing in Australia. A9X drivers Peter Brock and Bob Morris were victorious in the 1978 and 1979 Australian Touring Car Championships respectively and A9Xs shared by Peter Brock and Jim Richards won the Bathurst 1000 race in both years.

Overall a total of 65,977 LX Toranas were produced by Holden.

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