Acura NSX

From Acura press: The intention in creating the Acura NSX was to produce a hand-built, exotic, mid-engine sports car that would establish entirely new levels of prestige, performance, refinement, drive ability and reliability. The NSX is designed to represent an entirely new definition of the exotic sports car.  In the 1995 model year, Acura introduced the NSX-T. This model features a removable roof panel to provide the unique thrill of open-top motoring.

The goal was to create a different level of excitement and broaden the appeal of the NSX, while maintaining the extremely high levels of performance and sophistication established by the NSXvcoupe.

As might be expected, creating the NSX-T involved far more than removing the fixed roof and engineering a new removable panel. Engineers extensively reinforced critical areas in the body to ensure that the handling precision and rigidity standards of the coupe were retained as much as possible.

Special reinforcements were made in the rocker panels, front and rear bulkheads, fIoorpan and other vital areas. All 1996 NSX models also boast a number of other sophisticated features. Key among these is the optional Formula One-inspired Sport Shift automatic transmission with a unique column-mounted electronic shifter. Unlike other systems, this unit allows the driver to manually select a gear without the drivers hands leaving the steering wheel. This not only adds to the enjoyment of performance driving by allowing the driver to more quickly select a gear, it also enhances safety by allowing the driver to maintain his full attention to the road ahead.

The NSX engine is an all-aluminum, 90-degree, 3.0-liter (2977 cc), dual-overheadcam, 4-valve-per-cylinder V-6 which produces 270 hp at 7100 rpm when mated to the manual transmission, and 252 hp at 6600 rpm when mated to the automatic transmission. The torque rating is 210 lbs-ft at 5300 rpm for both manual and automatictransmissions.The redline of the manual is 8000 rpm, while that of the automatic is 7500 rpm.

An exclusive electronically controlled Variable ValveTiming and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC)system optimizes volumetric efficiency at both high and low engine speeds. A unique VariableVolume Induction System changes the configuration of the intake system with varying engine speeds, working with the VTEC system to broaden the torque curve and increase peak power output.

To achieve both light weight and durability, the block is made of aluminum alloy with cast-in iron cylinder liners. The crankshaft is a fully counterweighted forgedsteel unit. The cylinder heads are low-pressure cast aluminum. The combustion chamber is a pent-roof design with generous squish area to promote swirl and enhance combustion efficiency. The spark plug is centrally located for optimum flame propagation, and features a platinum tip for improved durability and longer service life.

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