Acura SLX

From Acura press: The SLX is powered by a 3.2 liter, all-aluminum, single-overhead-camshaft V-6 engine which produces 190 horsepower at 5600 rpm, and 188 lbs-ft of torque at a low 4000 rpm. Four-valve-per-cylinder combustion chambers help to provide both high torque at low rpm and excellent breathing at higher engine speeds. Electronic fuel injection compensates for varying driving and atmospheric conditions, and provides enhanced driveability in both on- and off-road operation.

The engine is located longitudinally, moving weight to the rear for optimum handling. The standard 4-speed, electronically controlled automatic transmission is bolted as a unit to the shift-on-the-fly 2-speed transfer case, increasing rigidity while reducing noise and vibration. For improved response and efficiency,the transmission features converter lockup in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears.

The Acura SLX is rated with a 5000-lb (Class III) towing capacity,assuming the use of approved load-compensating trailer hitch and trailer brakes.

Like all other Acura engines, the block of the SLX engine is an aluminum casting with cast-in iron liners, a design known for its light weight, excellent rigidity and good long-term durability. The crankcase is designed with a deep skirt and extensive webbing for added rigidity, reduced noise and reduced vibration. The cylinder banks are set 75 degrees apan; bore centers are 102mm apan. The SLX engine is an oversquare design, with a bore of 93.4mm and a stroke of 77.0mm.

The SLX engine features a 4-valve-per-cylinder valvetrain with pent-roof combustion chambers. The oversquare bore/stroke ratio allows for larger intake and exhaust valves which improve engine breathing and power output. A single camshaft for each cast-alumminum cylinder head is driven by a flexible toothed belt. Hydraulic lash adjusters are used for reduced maintenance.

The 1996 Acura SLX is in all-new model in the Acura lineup, and the first Acura model intended for off-road as well as highway use. The SLX was engineered to be as competent and satisfying on a trek to the Grand Canyon as it is on a family jaunt to a ski area in the Sierras. As one of the first off-road-capable vehicles offered by a luxury import nameplate, the Acura SLX provides a level of ride quality, comfort and luxury amenities typical of fine imported luxury sedans, combined with the ruggedness, utility, all-weather handling and off-raod capability of a top-rank four-wheel-drive vehicle.

The explosive growth of the sport utility vehicle market has had a large impact on the luxury sedan market. Many affluent drivers who would traditionally become prime luxury car customers as they matured have chosen, instead, to look at upmarket Sport Unitiliy Vehicles. These drivers are accustomed to the creature comforts, lavis amenities and understand styling of imported and domestic luxury cars - and are increasingly demanding the same features in SUVs. For these reasons, the SLX is a fitting and natural addition to the Acura lineup.

Acura SLX