The next generation of the German compact car is expected to be presented next year.

We have already presented you a rendering of what the next generation VW Polo may look like when it is presented next year. It was made by our friends at Infomotori. Now, another Italian website has created nice images of the future VW compact for their readers and we are pleased to bring them to you again.

In fact, only one image has been done, but it show precisely what is expected of the new vehicle. A new visual identity, first officially presented by Iroc, which ended up as the Scirocco, and up!, the next VW Lupo, but prone to appear also on Golf’s sixth generation, will make its way towards Polo as well. A new, bold body, similar to the ones from Skoda Fabia and Seat Ibiza, cars that already use the PQ25 platform, is also in the rendering.

Some doubts may still remain unsolved, such as the engines for the new car, but they very likely be the same ones that are being adopted in the rest of Volkswagen range, such as the 1,4-litre TFSI, which may be in many versions of the car, including the GTI. Besides this engine, it will also feature the new 1.6-litre TDI. An electric-petrol hybrid version may also be on the pipeline, especially if the car is destined to be sold in the USA, something that will surely happen if Ford Fiesta succeeds to appeal to North American car buyers. The new seven-speed DSG gearbox will also be offered, perhaps as an optional, as it has happened with the newly introduced Ibiza. Besides Europe, some other countries, such as Brazil and China, will also produce the new car.

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