Maybach 57 S

From Maybach press: Taut lines and smooth curves. Exquisite interplay between light and shadow. One look is all it takes to discern that the Maybach 57 S is the epitome of dynamic elegance and power.

Featuring an inimitable blend of impressive performance, the ultimate in comfort and exclusivity of the very highest caliber, it is one of the world's few truly awe-inspiring cars. Created for individualists with a penchant for employing slightly more unconventional means to express their notion of contemporary luxury.

For those with a desire to enjoy to the full the values which the Maybach brand represents: stylish comfort, sublime beauty, technical brilliance and supreme craftsmanship. The Maybach 57 S skillfully fuses these characteristic traits with an exceptional, athletic vibrancy which is clearly apparent in its dynamic, harmonious aspect and stems from a succession of exceptional design features.

A distinctive radiator grille with double louvres crowned by the classic double-M. Main headlamps majestically finished in the vehicle color for when you arrive. And a custom-designed exhaust system with two visible tailpipes for when you depart.

These and many other technical and aesthetic details lend an impression of thrust to this high-end luxury automobile, whose crowning glory is a powerplant without equal: the most powerful engine ever seen in a Maybach.
A displacement of 6.0 litres. Twin turbochargers. An output of 620 hp. Torque peaks at a heady 738 lb-ft @ 2000-4000 rpm. Having undergone a painstaking program of refinement at the Mercedes-AMG engine manufacturing facility, the Maybach V12 powerplant drives the Maybach 57 S to deliver exceptional performance and permits a fleet-footedness that belies the vehicle's impressive proportions.

Thanks to the meticulous attention to detail shown by the Maybach engineers, the Maybach 57 S leaves absolutely nothing to be desired in terms of the brand's hallmark luxurious comfort, even at high speeds. Visible examples of this perfectionism include the exclusive 11-spoke, 20-inch wheels with sports tires, which provide exceptional grip as well as precise, direct steering feel. This wheel/tire combination also contributes to the high degree of directional stability when accelerating and the good handling when taking tight bends at speed.

A discreet yet effective feature is that the chassis has been lowered by 15 mm, not only enhancing the car's dynamic appeal but also, in conjunction with the responsive AIRMATIC Dual Control air suspension, further improving handling dynamics and directional stability. So look forward to an experience in which each yard covered and each bend taken is a moment of the purest enjoyment.

Maybach 57 S