Bugatti Brescia Type 22 Roadster

The story behind this ultimate find is just as extraordinary as the car itself. Back when the car was only 11 years old, the owner decided that he did not wan to pay taxes on the vehicle anymore, meaning that the only option to accomplish this was to destroy the car. The car was pushed into Lake Maggiore with a chain attached in order to recover the car later. Unfortunately, the chain rusted over time and eventually broke, leaving the Bugatti to slip into the depths of the lake. The car was miraculously rediscovered in 1967 but was not raised from its long hibernation until 2008. Auction price $130,000


Apart from the obvious wear and tear of being submerged for nearly a decade, the Bugatti is missing the chassis number plate as well as the enamel Bugatti radiator badge. Other than that, all of the original Bugatti numbers can be found in their usual spots. Located on the right front engine bearer next to the exhaust manifold is the chassis number “2461’ while the engine number ‘879’ can be clearly seen atop the cam box, as well as on the face of the lower crankcase. Many of the body panels have corroded away along with any chrome finishing or other fine details. There are some indications that the body may have been replaced or modified during the car’s lifetime. A noticeable modification is a simple racing body that lacks any electronics or mudguards. The lower valances underneath the bonnet, normally in one piece, are separated into two. This all could potentially indicate that the body was modified or even a whole new body was made sometime in the late 1920s.


Not much remains inside the Brescia Type 22 after being submerged for so long. The few pieces that remain are some barely visible gauges that have Bugatti stamped on them. Other than that, the steering column remains as well as the shifter. The gearbox bears the number ‘964’ on the back of it. The Bugatti Brescia Type 22 Roadster only had room for the driver, as there were no other seats.


Under the hood lies an Inline-4 cylinder engine with two valves per cylinder. This engine also featured overhead camshafts and had four forward gears. With the power being measured in horsepower at revolutions per minute, the Brescia made 30 horsepower at 4500 RPM. Top speed is 90 mph.

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Bugatti Brescia Type 22 Roadster