Acura Legend Coupe

From Acura press: The creation of the second-generation Acura Legend was an important milestone in the evolution of luxury/performance cars. Soon after the 1987 introduction of the first-generation Legend Coupe, Honda Research and Development Co., Ltd. began work on the second-generation Legend Sedan and Legend Coupe. Their goal, broadly stated, was to make an already excellent automobile better in every way.
The Legend designers analyzed the existing models and how they were being received in the major markets- North America, Japan and Europe.

They found that the Legend was creating a market that had not existed before: the market for Japanese luxury/performance automobiles. Its combination of high quality, performance, reliability and value for money had won a high level of credibility with discerning motorists. The challenge: to develop a second-generation Legend that would build upon this credibility and reputation while advancing the actual design and engineering to a new state of the art that would take the Legend well into the '90s.

he planners and engineers set ambitious goals for the second-generation Legend powertrain: to provide substantially higher performance, with greater smoothness and quietness and no sacrifice in fuel efficiency. To accomplish this, they developed a longitudinal drivetrain with a 3.2-liter, 24-valve V-6 engine. Stronger, more refined manual and automatic transmissions, a more durable differential and a new mounting system were designed to match the increased power and torque of the engine.

The engine development team was given a mandate to develop an engine with significantly higher performance and greater refinement than its predecessor, with no increase in weight or fuel consumption. A new V-6 was determined to be the right size and weight while producing enough power to achieve the intended goals. Given the acceleration and fuel efficiency targets they had in mind for the Legend, they saw no need for a large V-8 engine.

The engine displaces 3206 cc with a bore of 90.0mm and a stroke 84.0 mm. The cylinder block, like all Acura engines, is made of aluminum alloy and equipped with cast-iron cylinder liners.

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