Acura Integra GS-R Coupe

From Acura press: The introduction of the Integra GS-R signals the entry of Acura into a new category
of automobile: the high-performance sports sedan class.The GS-R represents the
highest levels of technology available in a mass-produced automobile-many features
of the innovative GS-R VTEC engine were pioneered in the state-of-the-art NSX
mid-engine sports car, or were first seen in the Honda engines used on the Formula
One Grand Prix circuit.

The design team responsible for the GS-R VTEC engine, for
example, is the same team that designed the lOOO-horsepowerV-6turbocharged
Formula One engines used in the 1987Grand Prix season.

The Acura spirit has been described as "an intense emotional involvement with
cars." The Integra GS-R is a clear manifestation of that spirit. Its highly efficient,
technologically advanced powerplant produces more power per liter than any other
normally aspirated automobile engine sold in the U.S. Its high redline and lightweight
components make it the most responsive engine ever produced for an Acura.
And its advanced suspension and chassisengineering help make it an extraordinary
sports sedan, one designed and built by engineers dedicated to the idea of driving as a
source of inspiration and sheer fun.

The GS-R engine is a development of the 1.6-liter VTEC engine used in the Japanese-market Integra. Using this engine as a starting point, the engineers increased displacement to 1.7 liters by lengthening the stroke from 77.4 mm to 81.4 mm. The stroke of the GS-R engine is 7.6 mm shorter than that of the standard 1.8-liter Integra engine; this was necessary to achieve the high revving capability required for the VTEC engine.

The GS-R engine is a 1678cc, all-aluminum, transverse-mounted, 4-cylinder design with pent-roof combustion chambers and 4 valves per cylinder. Valve actuation is by dual overhead camshafts, driven by a toothed, rubber-composite belt. The GS-R engine produces 160 horsepower at 7600 rpm, and 16.1 kilogram/meters (117Ibs.-ft.) of torque at 7000 rpm. Engine redline is 8000 rpm; fuel cutoff is set for 8100 rpm. The 8000 rpm redline makes the GS-R engine the highest-revving 4-cylinder production powerplant sold in the U.S. Its redline is equaled by only one other automobile sold here: the manual transmission-equipped NSX.

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