Chevrolet Camaro 30th Anniversary Edition

From GM press:  The Camaro, celebrating its 30th birthday in 1997, has evolved considerably. Over the years, the Camaro has been transformed into many shapes, from the pony car look of the late 60s to the polished, muscular styling of the 90s. Camaro is built for those looking for a high-performance sports coupe without a high price tag it's the car for those craving power and safety wrapped in a sleek body. To commemorate three decades of success, Chevrolet has introduced an anniversary package loaded with nostalgia.

The 30th Anniversary Camaro Z28 package, available on convertibles and coupes, joins the stable of 1997 models. Reminiscent of the 1969 Z28 pace car, the commemorative edition vehicle is a bright Arctic White color with Hugger Orange stripes down the center. (The 1969 Camaro, with its Ermine White exterior and the same stripes, paced the Indianapolis 500.) The door handles on the Anniversary Package Camaro are also white, as are the white five-spoke aluminum wheels and the front fascia intake.

Most of the glass on the 30th Anniversary Camaro is Solar-Ray glass. This reduces interior heat buildup and helps protect interior fabrics and materials from ultraviolet rays. The seats are Arctic White with cloth black-and-white houndstooth inserts.

All 1997 Camaros, including the Anniversary Package, have low-profile windshield wiper arms for a more aerodynamic design. A raised cowl panel minimizes turbulent airflow and reduces wind lift. In addition, the cowl lessens blow back moisture that moves up the windshield when the vehicle is in motion.

Goodyear Eagle GS-C P245/50ZR-16 radials help keep The Hugger gripping the asphalt.

A redesigned instrument panel highlights the inside of the special-edition vehicle. All controls are easy to find and access. The instrument panel has bold, analog instrumentation. The climate-control switches are backlit so they're easier to see.

Floor mats and headrests feature 30th Anniversary five-color embroidery.

Chevrolet Camaro 30th Anniversary Edition