Caterham Superlight R300

From Caterham press:

The Superlight R300 is designed with a sole purpose in mind; enjoyment. Following in the footsteps of its more powerful Superlight siblings, it stays true to Chapman’s magic recipe for the ultimate sports car; performance through lightweight. Traditionally the R300 is our best selling Superlight model as it blends just the right amount of performance with pleasure and exploitability, creating a tool in which to remind yourself what it is to enjoy simple, purified motoring thrills. Still, with well over 300bhp-per-ton on offer, only in the rarified world of Caterham is this anything other than a bonkers-fast car. The Superlight R300 is truly a piece of uncompromised driving hardware.

When the original Superlight R300 was launched it was heralded to boast the best blend of high performance and all round usability of any of the models that we offered. Breaking the 300bhp-per-ton mark, it was considered to be in the “sweet spot” where the chassis and engine seemed to work as one and make driving thrills accessible to a much wider audience. The new R300 has been engineered to supercede the original in every way. With more power and importantly a better power delivery, the new 2.0L Caterham Powertrain (CPT) tuned motor has had a large impact on the character of the R300. Along with this increase in power and torque, the new iteration of this legendary car has been honed in the cut-throat habitat of Caterham racing, where we have extensively tested and developed the car ready for its use in a new race series. This has blessed the car with brilliant handling, excellent balance and bulletproof reliability. In combination with these developments the car has also learnt as much as possible from its angry older brother, the R500. It features a similar up-rated dash design and keyless ignition system as the R500, as well as its 2.0L motor which is directly related to that housed within the more powerful car.

The aim of this car is to provide as many thrills as possible to as many people as possible. The R300 is the people’s champion and is genuinely a piece of hardware that facilitates ultimate driving pleasure.

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Caterham Superlight R300