Caterham Superlight R400

From Caterham press:

The Superlight R400 is a further development from the regular Superlight. While still built around Colin Chapman’s ethos of “add lightness”, the R400 adds a further ingredient – horse power. All unnecessary comforts remain absent to save weight and reduce mass, and the additional power means that the R400 breaks the 400-bhp-per-tonne barrier. The result is a car that still delivers driving thrills at their purest, with performance capable of humbling supercars and thrilling drivers.

The Superlight R400 is devestatingly quick. With a 210bhp 2 litre Duratec engine and wrapped in the lightweight frame of the standard chassis, the R400 has few peers. Indeed, many quarter-million-pound supercars would struggle to match the R400’s blistering pace on the track or down a twisty road.

Introduced in 2007, the R400 is an update on the 2002 original, much lauded by the press as the most finely honed balance of power and ability ever offered by Caterham. The latest version is based on the ‘R400’ race car used in the Caterham Superlight Challenge. Lap records set by the original quickly began to tumble and the new car firmly cemented its reputation.

As well as all the equipment of the Superlight, the R400 also includes ACES change up lights and limited slip differential.

As with Roadsport models, Superlight models* are available with SV wide-bodied chassis should you require more interior space. If you want to drive a car that delivers on-road performance, raw driving thrills and track-day ability in equal measure then the Superlight is the Caterham 7 for you.

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