Acura Integra 4 Door LS

From Acura press: The starting point for the Honda R & D designers who created the new Integra automobiles was to improve on what had come before. Their objective was to build on the strengths of the previous generation and correct any weaknesses, concentrating on every area from styling to performance. In the process, they developed ap entirely new automobile: there is not a single major component carried over from the first generation Integra.

The new Integra 3-door and 4-door sports sedans are sophisticated, technologically advanced, aerodynamically styled and designed around the driver. They have the first class accommodations and high quality that have become synonymous with Acura, yet continue to project the sporty and youthful image established by the first generation Integra.

They are longer, lower, wider and have more cargo space than their predecessors. They have a new, more powerful DOHC engine, 4-wheel independent double-wishbone independent suspension, more driver and passenger room, and advanced technology like available Anti-Lock Brakes (ALB). Yet their essential personality remains unchanged -- they are true performance cars for serious drivers.

Power and performance are inseparable. and the goal of the engineers who designed the 1990 Integra's engine was to provide more of both. The new engine they developed produces 130 horsepower. a 10 percent increase. It is a 4-cylinder. dual overhead cam.16-valve engine with a displacement of 1.8 liters.
The new engine is specifically designed and tuned to provide power over a wider rpm range. improving all-around driving performance in general. and low- and mid-range performance in particular. To this end. torque has been increased 17.5 percent. to 121Ibs.-ft.. with the biggest improvement coming in the 2000 to 5500 rpm range. There is approximately 15 percent more torque at 2000and. as revs increase. it builds to a 17.5percent increase at 5000 rpm. where maximum torque occurs.

New transmissions -- a standard 5-speed manual and available electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic with driver-selectable sport mode -- were developed to accommodate the Integra's additional power and improve driveability. The manual transmission uses a larger clutch and synchronizers to improve shift quality. The automatic transmission has three parallel shafts instead of two. making it shorter and more compact.
As before, the new Integra uses equal-length half shafts to virtually eliminate torque steer.

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