Arash AF10

At the heart of the AF10 is its engine, a 5.5ltr water cooled, naturally asperated V10 with a 72 degree angle and four valves per cyclinder, The power-plant produces 850bhp at 8000rpm and 530lb ft torque with a redline capability of 8500rpm.

Body includes 100% carbon construction using aluminium honeycomb and nomex panels for sandwich strength. Rear window and driver to engine compartment window made of non shatter and scratch resistant plastic. Front windows and side windows are constructed of laminated glass. All body parts have been constructed using the carbon autoclave process of eliminating excess resins via pressure and heat to make parts lighter and stiffer than ever constructed.

Modular Carbon Chassis – super light, super strong and reduced manufacture time and cost. Patented design of modular construction. 13 parts assembled into a jig and bonded at temperature.

Total weight of 98kg including steel sub structures front and rear. Excellent protection from crash – front and rear sub assemblies. Rear impact bars and side rear impact struts.

Side panels of chassis over looped to provide triple protection. Triple galleries under chassis – allows tidy packaging of water pipes, air conditioning pipes and brake lines. Prevents heat traveling into driver cabin and allows easy access for inspection. Fuel tanks integrated into rear chassis pontoons. Ideal for weight distribution and crash compliance.

Super long front wishbones and wide wheel track. Avoidence of pushrod suspension to allow more complient road ride. Move away from pushrod also to reduce number of pulley and rod parts. More complient ride due to single action of motion rather than elbow action which can cause 'sticking' of bearing parts.

Rubber elastic bushes used for road compliance and ease of assembly. Engine and gearbox also mounted on rubber bushes for vibration avoidance from the driver cabin.

Super long lower front wishbones, allowing more contact patch of the wheel during cornering. – see F1 cars. Integrated strut brace within carbon tub to prevent any flex.

Roll centre of the car has been moved lower.

Floor mounted pedals to offer racing feel, better 'heel and toe' control of the pedals as well as the ability to offer good foot spacing in the driver area.

Complete integrated roll cage – a touch of hand made art as well as the improved stability and stiffness of an already amazingly stiff chassis. Further protection has been offered during crash and roll incidents.

With any high performance vehicle, one of the most influential aspects of its performance is aerodynamics and the AF10 does not disappoint. The Af10 has been designed with both high speed and acceleration in mind, with its unique front wing design, a rear wing and complete flat floor, the AF10 offers high speed stability whilst not compromising over top speed.

Whilst both the wings of the car offer sufficient down force, the large smooth bodywork allows air to flow smoothly over the af10 resulting in creating very few turbulent areas (which can cause instability)

The brakes are Carbon ventilated Ceramic Discs 8 Cylinder AP Racing Calipers*. And are 380mm Disk Diameter at the front. and Ventilated Ceramic Discs 6 Piston AP Racing Calipers 362mm Disk Diameter at the rear.

The lightweight wheels are made from 2-Piece Aluminum, the front wheels are 48.3 x 24.1 cm / 19 x 9.5 in and the rear wheels are 50.8 x 31.8 cm / 20 x 12.5 in.

After various testing on some of the most testing circuits we have chosen Michelin Pilot size 265/35ZR19 for the front and 335/30ZR20 for the rears. Thus adding stability in the wet and dry enabling confidence in all weathers.

We believe this setup is the most exciting and intoxicating feel of any sports car that can be driven on the road or on the track enabling you the driver to explore the soul of the car.

Source: Arash press

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