Acura Integra 5 Door Sedan

From Acura press: The Acura Integra models are sophisticated sports sedans designed for spirited driving. They're sporty as well as practical. With their long wheelbase and wide track they offer outstanding stability, comfort and interior space. And their aerodynamic design is attractive, uncluttered and efficient.

The Integra's DOHC, Programmed Fuel Injection, 4-cylinder engine is a rigid, light, and compact 1.6-liter powerplant, which combines high performance with high efficiency. It incorporates the latest in technological advances including its race-proven combustion chamber and port designs. With its precision die-cast, aluminum alloy block (incorporating integral siamesed cylinder bores) and DOHC head, the entire engine weighs but 94 kg (207 Ibs.) and produces 113 horsepower at 6250 rpm.
The pent-roof combustion chamber, with a compression ratio of 9.3:1, uses four valves, at an included angle of 51°, to maximize valve area (Intake valve diameter is 30 mm x 2, exhaust 27 mm x 2). The spark plug is in the center of each chamber for rapid and uniform flame-front propagation.

Dual overhead camshafts actuate each bank of valves through finger-followers. Both cams are inside the centerlines of the valves, reducing the outside dimensions of the engine and increasing the fulcrum length of the finger-followers for a higher valve lift (9.5 mm intake, 9.0 mm exhaust) relative to cam lobe diameter. Using a patented casting process, the core of each cam is hollow, both shaft and lobes, reducing total weight by 1.2 kg (2.6 Ibs.). The cams are driven by an NBR (synthetic rubber) belt which is temperature resistant and provides higher strength and durability. A multi-core oil cooler is utilized to help maintain optimum lubricant temperature.

The intake and exhaust ports, and their corresponding manifolds, and carefully configured to take full advantage of the Integra' s free-breathing 4-valve design. Each of the equal-length 370 mm intake runners is tuned for increased mid-range torque.

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