Allard J2X MkII

From Allard press: Faithful to the original look, the new J2X is difficult to distinguish from its predecessor. With a show-quality finish on a composite body, the hand-crafted J2X MkII sports a fully-functional louvered metal bonnet (hood) held in place at speed with the two traditional leather straps and a well-hidden remotely operated safety latch. The boot (trunk) is large enough to accommodate two complete sets of golf clubs (and bags), with enough room for your detailing kit and trophy. The ‘Allard’ badges (boot & bonnet) are authentic. To maintain the period look, we recommend non-metallic paints in either the traditional British Racing Green, ‘testosterone-charged red’ or other colours that are appropriate for that era. When carefully colour-matched with high quality leathers, the look will be unquestionably classic. The split tonneau cover is standard. A quality canvas top and removable rigid hardtop are currently in development.

Engine includes a GM 350 Ram Jet PFI with performance package & dress-up kit, with a 0-60 mph estimate of 4.5 seconds.  Transmission includes a Tremec TKO 5-speed manual with overdrive. Exhaust includea dual sidepipes and heat shields.

Gallery: Allard J2X MkII